Book Review: The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

4 out of 5 stars

The Mime Order is the second book in the trilogy The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. It continues the story of Paige Mahoney, a voyant in Scion, Shannon’s alter-reality of future London.

It has been about two years since I read the first book in the series and I must say it was a25663860 bit difficult to get back into the world after such a long time. Shannon uses a lot of unique vocabulary in the book and that takes some time to get used to if you’re new to the series or reading them far apart as I was. I really love learning about the Victorian era and much of the vocabulary is derived from that time period so I found that really interesting. Given that the vocabulary takes some getting used to, I recommend reading the books closer in succession if possible.

The world Shannon builds is enthralling and highly unique. I greatly enjoyed the first book in the series and the second one was not a disappointment either. The series is fast-paced and the story really pulls you in. Paige is a complex character who struggles with her own emotions and the accepted moral standard of her world. The book is an escape – it throws you into Shannon’s dangerous Scion as you attempt to dodge all the threats that lurk around every corner in Paige’s world. I found myself not wanting it to end and am now impatiently awaiting the next book in the series.

I recommend this book for science-fiction lovers and dystopian lovers. This book is more complex than the typical YA dystopian so I highly recommend it for adults who are looking for dystopian/sci-fi reads with a little more literary substance than YA books.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

  1. Brilliant review! Completely agree about getting back into the world – it’s so unique, there’s a lot to remember – I re-read The bone season and read The mime order straight after and that made it a lot easier. Cannot wait for Song Rising 😀

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    • Yes, that’s a really good idea. I probably should have re-read The Bone Season before diving into The Mime Order, but you know, too many books too little time. 🙂 Really looking forward to The Song Rising also but the wait seems sooo long!


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