Weekend Reads: Margaret Atwood with a Slice of Pie

Hi readers! Here’s a quick update on what I have lined up for my weekend reading.

img_5019I just finished Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamora and felt a bit overwhelmed by trying to decide what to read next since I recently acquired so many secondhand books. I know, this is definitely a luxury problem. On Wednesday night I piled up a stack of potential reads on my nightstand and read the first couple of pages of each to decide what my next read would be.

In the end, Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood withstood the trial. Margaret Atwood has been a favorite writer of mine ever since I read The Handmaid’s Tale. Alias Grace will be my fourth book by her. I also picked up The Robber Bride (you can see it in the stack there above the Marlon James) and am looking forward to getting to that one. There’s just something about Atwood’s writing that really resonates with me. Each work seems like a beautiful puzzle, and I love trying to figure out how it fits together as I read.


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6477877As you know if you’ve read my previous “weekend reads” posts, I also like to keep a book going on my kindle. I’ve chosen The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley to keep me occupied digitally. It seems like it will be a light, fun read. I’m about 15% in now and Flavia is such a fun character. I like her quirky personality and her zest for learning. I’m not really into the depths of the mystery yet, but I have a sense that things will get rolling soon. It’s not a very long book, and I think it will involve a lot less brain power than Alias Grace so it seemed like a good option.

Middlemarch is still on my back burner. I’m not really actively reading that one at the moment. I think I just didn’t take it up again when my physical copy finally came. Life’s been pretty demanding lately – lots of job interviews, article writing, and researching going on, and it’s nice to have a little escape from all of that by reading a fantasy book (like The Lies of Locke Lamora that I’ve been reading the last couple of weeks). I felt that trying to stay with the classic in the last weeks just felt like more work to me. Hoping things will settle down soon and then I can either attempt to dive back into Middlemarch or put it aside and start a classic that is a bit smaller. Since I started it on my kindle, I didn’t actually realize how big it was! I’ve got Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles sitting on my shelf as well which is a bit smaller and has really been beckoning me lately.

What are you all reading at the moment?

Have you read any of the books in my nightstand photo above? Any thoughts?

Happy weekend reading!



Weekend Reads: Book Market and American Pastoral by Philip Roth

Hi, readers! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a book review so I wanted to keep you updated on what my recent reading activities have been.

1160443I like to read multiple books at a time because I find that what I want to read often changes with my mood. Can anyone else relate? Does it bother you to read multiple books at a time or do you prefer to have options?

I’m currently reading three different books with American Pastoral by Philip Roth getting most of the reading time. I am hoping to finish this one up this weekend. When I first started reading this book I fell in love with the writing style. Philip Roth’s sentences are so rich and beautiful. I felt like this would be a book I would love after only reading the first few paragraphs. I still think the writing is really beautiful, but I think the story is kind of moving a bit too slowly for me at the moment. I am looking forward to talking more about this book in an upcoming review so I will save the rest of my thoughts for that post.

15994588I started reading Middlemarch by George Eliot on my kindle a few weeks ago. I talked about my experience reading this book on my kindle in a previous post. I had to stop reading it at about 11% in because I felt like I was just missing too much by reading it on my kindle. When I put it aside, I ordered the Penguin English Library edition of Middlemarch and that arrived in the post on Tuesday! Such a pretty cover! I am looking forward to getting back into that book in the weeks to come.


127455I always also like to keep at least one book going on my kindle so that I can read at night-time without needing to have a lamp on. I started The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch the other night. I’m not very far into this book yet so I don’t really know what to think of it at this point, but I know it’s an extremely popular fantasy series so I am looking forward to discovering what makes it so great.

On Sunday mornings my city has a second-hand book market so I am hoping that the weather will be nice enough to go and enjoy it this Sunday. After that, I am planning on heading to the park with my picnic blanket and spending some time enjoying my weekend reads! I’ll post an update next week if I find any great books at the book market.

Happy weekend reading, everyone!

What are you planning to read this weekend?